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Advanced Ordnance Teaching Materials (AOTM)

Award Winning Advanced Ordnance Teaching Materials Enhance EOD Training Programs Worldwide

Advanced Ordnance Teaching Materials (AOTM) allow EOD instructors to provide working, hands-on training aids that model generic fuzing and ordnance specific functionality.  Through U.S. State Department funding, Golden West Humanitarian Foundation has invested thousands of hours in engineering and research into the development of this exclusive line of world-class, award winning training aids. [1][2]   These products are available at 100% original size or enlarged to 200% and are ideal for classroom demonstrations of functional ordnance components.[3]  Instructors now can visually demonstrate all functioning aspects of common fuzing and ordnance with training aids specifically designed to do so.

Considerations made during design ensure these highly specialized training products are true to ordnance and allow clear visual observation of all functioning components.  These interactive training aids are intended for classroom handling by instructors and students to show both arming and firing sequences with color coded components that aid in distinguishing technical operation and various internal composition.  In addition, each model is easily reset back to its unarmed position and can withstand repeated disassembly.[1]  AOTM training aids are especially beneficial within multinational programs where language barriers are common and ensure a true technical understanding is communicated.[4]

Interactive models add excellent value to EOD training by allowing students hands-on experience in the manipulation and exploration of all functional mechanisms.  Animations or live video demonstrations provided with each model detail all functions and operations for initial users.[5]  These products are sold individually and available in kits through Inert Products, the authorized distributor of AOTM Training Aids.  New models are continuously being designed and produced by Golden West in support of current EOD training requirements and global humanitarian interests.  AOTM products are available for purchase at

AOTM Standard Ordnance Training Set (SOTS)


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