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Inert Products, LLC. offers training services that provide holistic, reality-based scenarios covering a wide variety of threat awareness and reaction courses for military, law enforcement, and civilians.  Course instructors provided have vast experience in Counter Terrorism and Counter IED around the world, including Iraq, Afghanistan, Thailand, Japan, the United States, and more.  All courses and course curriculum can be specifically written to exactly meet your training requirements.  Contact us for all additional training course information.  

Military Training Courses:

  • Basic, Comprehensive, & Advanced IED Electronics
  • Basic & Advanced OPFOR Training
  • Post Blast / Site Exploitation
  • X-Ray Operator / Interpretation
  • Terrorism Risk Assessment
  • Threat Mitigation Planning
  • Incident Response Exercises

High Risk CIED Search Training:

  • Person, Vehicle, Maritime
  • Building, Derelict, Area, Route
  • Confined Spaces, Aircraft, Railway, Metro

EOD/CIED Training:

  • Components, Triggers, Blast Effects
  • Enemy TTP`s, Method of Attack, Risk Assessments
  • Metal Detectors, Explosive Detectors, EOD Tools
  • HME, Dismounted Procedures, Confirmation Drills
  • Vulnerable Points & Areas; Crossing Drills

Tactical Site Exploitation Courses:

  • Biometrics, Tactical Questioning
  • Evidence Collection, Task Scene Management
  • Report Writing, DOMEX

Responder & Civilian Training Courses:

  • Basic IED Awareness
  • Basic IED Search Procedures
  • Advanced IED Search Procedures
  • Bomb Threat Management
  • Security Risk & Vulnerability
  • Campus Security Awareness
  • Firefighter / Law Enforcement Counter-Terrorism Awareness
  • Advanced Threat Assessment and Response
  • Basic IED Electronics
  • ​Comprehensive IED Electronics
  • ​Advanced IED Electronics
  • Suspect Vehicles
  • Alarm Attack / Bypass
  • Advanced Dynamic Entry into Suspect Packages
  • Introduction to Weapons Of Mass Destruction (WMD)
  • Opposition Force (OPFOR)
  • ​Advanced Opposition Force (OPFOR)
  • Security Threats for Large Events
  • Advanced Security Threats for Large Events
  • Ambush & Lethal Environment Recognition Training (ALERT)
  • Undercover / Covert Operations Program (U/COP)
  • Combat / Tactical Tracking
  • Ground Sign Awareness

    Our Mission: "Dedicated to providing the highest quality training aids to those who defend and protect us in an effort to save lives."


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